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Loved my first iClassic interactive read!

This was the first iClassic interactive read that I've purchased and I LOVED it. The art is engaging and memorable, the story is interactive in just the right places and the music added to the atmosphere of the horror story. Have already purchased a few more that I will be reading. Highly recommended for children and adults alike.

Beautifully done, although shorter than I had imagined

A very creative way of presenting excellent literature. However, I was finished in 30-45 minutes, and I had expected a bit more than that for the price of $2.99.


Excelente app me encanta , buenísimo

iClassics strikes again!

I am a huge fan of iClassics work. This latest project is the latest in a long line of phenomenal works. The artwork is great, the music fantastic, and the experience wonderful! I have loved Canterville since I was small and this team made it even better. Thanks iClassics for another great app!

A lot of fun

A great silly sweet tale for Halloween or any time. The animation and sound are wonderful. I love the lightening.


What a awesome app

Another Masterpiece!

iPoe was one of the main reasons I switched from Android to iPhone, and I've loved every story iClassics has put out ever since. Their newest addition is no exception. The illustrations are breathtaking, and the music is captivating. I enjoyed it very much and can't wait for the next release!

Well done

A refreshing way to read the old classics. The artwork and interaction are compelling.


Amazingly entertaining 😍

I love these iClassics❤️

5 stars great book

Fun animations and illustrations

I very much enjoyed the imaginative presentation of Oscar Wilde's classic story. I look forward to sharing it with my grandsons, the oldest of whom is seven. The illustrations are innocently spooky, but not scary - just right!

Absolutely great

The soundtrack and illustrations fit so well with the story. Loved the app, such absolute fun!

Maybe the best of them all

I'll be honest, I'm not an Oscar Wilde fan. The only reason I bought this one was to support the devs (I do own and have read all the other iClassics. The only one I didn't like was the other Oscar Wilde book.). That being said, this story is fantastic. The artwork and music is typically iClassic great and do a terrific job of bringing the story to life. Great job, Devs. I may have to go re-read the other Wilde book, now. 😆

iClassics Does It Again!

I have read almost all of the stories by them except The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Sherlock Holmes, which I intend to next, and have enjoyed every one! I strongly recommend this one as it combines proper music, atmosphere, comedy, some romance and horror to provide a classic worth reading for the first time and again when appropriate. Keep them coming iClassics!


Wonderfully executed and a gem I intend to read again and again. Now I'm buying all the backlists :)

Love it

Felt like a totally new kind of book.

Love this book!

Pages can be a little hard to turn but well worth it. Very fun book!

Awesome apps

Been following these guys since the first iPoe came out. Every app just gets better. Agree with others that the UX can be smoother but still really marvelous execution on this story 👍

Charming and fun

This was an enjoyable treat. A good way to read old literature, yet also attract a young technology-focused audience.

The Canterville Ghost

What fun! Great visuals and special effects, a really fun and engaging interactive experience.

Another work of Art

As always with iClassics, a good story well and cleverly told.


As an adult I found this story very entertaining. I only wish it was longer. Kudos to the art designers, artists and all involved in this immersive book.

Lots of fun

Great quick read. Love the music and animation. Everything's great except the pages are hard to turn. One of the pages in chapter 2 wouldn't turn at all. Otherwise great fun :)


What a great way to experience reading. Fun for young and old alike.

Excellent books!

Love the way everything is put together. It's a very immersive book and experience. Only wish the pages were a little easier to turn.

5 Stars

Another great read/experience

What a fun way to read

I love the soundtrack while I was reading. The interactive graphics were well designed and helped to illustrate the story. I wish all books were presented like this!

Very enjoyable

I love the whimsy and life these apps bring to storytelling. The Star Wars Easter egg is chapter 5 was an excellent touch!

Fun and Interesting

The app is quite engaging and the graphics look so cool! I also love the music and story they choose!

Thoroughly Enjoyed This App

I highly recommend this app. The animation and music go perfectly with this classic tale. Can't wait to try another in the series.

Please fix

Help, I can't get get this app to work?? It opens then immediately closes, I can't get past first page then the app will close down. I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling still nothing, there was only one other review and nothing listing an issue, please fix the problem, this looks like an awesome app if it worked

The app crash

Im buy the app cause love the book, but the app crash every time i want to change the page in my iphone 7plus iOS 10.3.1 Hope fix it soon

Genial !!!

Lo primero que quiero recalcar es el precio puesto que aquí normalmente los libros de este tipo como que hellooo muy caros. Haora en cuanto calidad le doy un 100 es bello todo entre las animaciones y el audio te ase sentir adentro del libro 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great experience!

Would really like to see definitions for difficult words. Also, the music has a tendency to cut out when returning from multitasking or a different app. Great experience overall!!

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